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This wiki is intended to assist [WWW]SME(small and medium enterprises) and innovative and creative individuals from the North of England and North Wales and their professional advisors. They tend to be those who need specialist IP services the most but are least able to afford them. The aim is to concentrate the best of the materials that members of [WWW]nipc has published on the [WWW]IP/IT Update, [WWW]IPCEX, [WWW]Huddersfield Intellectual Property and other sites over the years as well as their presentations and contributions in print.

As for the subject matter of this site, intellectual property is the collective name for the bundle of rights that protect investment in "intellectual assets", that is to say brands, design, technology and creative works. These assets are protected by a variety of laws. Brands, for instance, are protected by trade marks and the law of passing off. Technology by [WWW]patents, [WWW]unregistered design rights, the [WWW]law of confidence and so forth. This site will provide practical advice on how SME can acquire and enforce their intellectual property rights.

The wiki is just one of many services for SME and creative and innovative individuals in the North of England. Others include training, publications, IP clinics and advice sessions throughout the North of England and beyond. We hope that everybody will be able to contribute to this enterprise.

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